How to Make Aate Ka Halwa in 2023| Aate Ka Halwa Recipe at Home

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How to Make Aate Ka Halwa? just follow some steps. Today, I’m making Kada Parshad. Tomorrow is Guru Purab, so I thought I’ll show you how to make Kada Prasad. For the people who don’t know about it, whenever you visit a Gurudwara, you get a simple, pure Prasad (offering), which is called Kada Parshad. It is basically made with flour. It is a sweet porridge made of wheat flour. which is called as Kada in Punjabi. & until this Kada or porridge is offered to God, until then you can’t really call it Kada Parshad.

How to Make Aate Ka Halwa?

So, basically what I’m showing you today is whole wheat flour porridge. or you can call it Kada. I’m sharing that recipe with you all today. Also this is the last recipe of YFL for the year 2022. So, I thought let’s make something auspicious, pure & beautiful.

So, I’m going to show you how Kada is made, by me or at my home. It’s a really simple recipe using 4 ingredients. Ghee, whole wheat flour, sugar & water. & it’s a simple method of preparing it. & whenever going to Gurudwara & the Kada Prasad is served, I really love it.

So, I’m making it for you all, & it’s a very simple recipe. Let’s see how Kada is made. To make the Kada, I’ve taken whole wheat flour, This is the coarsely ground flour that I’m using today. Now this wheat flour is coarser than the regular flour used to make chapatis.

Now, you can make Kada with the regular flour too, it’s not wrong. But using this coarse flour gives a better texture which I personally like a lot. In certain places where you get Kada Prasad with the texture, that’s something that I like a lot. Some people even do half & half.

How to Make Aate Ka Halwa

Half basic & half coarse flour, or both can be used individually. So, today, I’m just using coarse flour. This is my personal preference. So, you can also use it. It makes a good Kada. Now, it’s very easy to make Kada Prasad. For it’s basic technique the only thing that you need is a cup, I’ve taken a measuring cup here.

Take any sized cup & all the measurements are based on that. The basic proportion does not change. 1 cup ghee, 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar & 2 cups water. These are the proportions for my recipe. 1-1-1 & 2 This is what I use. Other than that the Kada will be ready easily.

Let’s see how the Kada is made. Measure 1 cup desi ghee & add it to a cooking pan. You have to warm up & melt the ghee a little bit. Once your ghee is hot, then using the same cup, measure 1 cup flour & add it to the ghee. After adding the flour, stir it continuously. Make sure that there are no lumps in the flour. Keep stirring continuously & you have to cook the flour on a very low flame.

Cook the flour, until it changes colour to a biscuit colour or a light brown colour. To get a biscuity colour is very important. Stir it continuously & continue to roast it while stirring until the flour is biscuity in colour.

The ghee can be too hot while roasting the flour, Be careful that it doesn’t splutter on your hand otherwise you can get burns. Carefully stir it. You can see that while carefully stirring, I’ve roasted the flour & it has turned biscuity colour.

At this stage, using the same cup, measure the sugar & add 1 cup of sugar to it. & add 2 cups of water here. Add the water, gradually, don’t add it instantly, As the ghee is very hot, it will bubble up with hot steam. Carefully add the water. After adding 2 cups of water, then continue to stir it continuously.

Stir it & continue to cook it continuously until your water reduces. The flour hydrates & swells up & the sugar is nicely incorporated. In this process the ghee will separate from the Kada. & your Kada will be ready. Continuously stir it & cook until the water is reduced & the ghee is released.

You may think that there’s too much ghee, but there should be ample ghee anyways. So that when you take Kada in your hands & your hands are smeared with ghee. That’s the bliss of it. As soon as the Kada is cooked, we’ll keep it aside, & on cooling all the ghee will disappear.

So the requirement of that much ghee is necessary. You can see that I’ve nicely stirred it & cooked it. Water has reduced. Our Kada is cooked & ghee is separated. This is the consistency that you are looking for. Our Kada is ready now.

Did you see how easy it is to make Kada. & my mom uses these proportions to make Kada since years together. The only difference in her recipe is that she uses half regular flour & half coarse flour. & I use only coarse flour. That’s the only difference. It’s very easy to make.

This Kada turns out really wholesome & beautiful. Currently this is Atte ka Halwa or Kada. Only when it is served in Gurudwara, only then it can be called Parshad or Kada Parshad. So, whenever you want to make Parsad, make it like this. I’m sure it will turn out really nice. & make it with pure heart & joy in your heart & it will turn out even more sweeter. Add a lot of love into it too.

When it is served piping hot in Gurudwara into your hands, then you have to keep shifting it between your palms, the ghee is smeared on both palms, & once eaten we just massage the ghee between our hands. So ghee is very integral to this Kada. So, just like this make Kada.

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