Gajar Ka Halwa without Ghee or Mawa | Gajrela – 2023

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Gajar Ka Halwa without Ghee or Mawa? be with me. So, I’m making Gajar ka Halwa or Gajrela. & it’s a very simple recipe. No need to add any mawa (milk solids) or ghee This Gajar ka Halwa will be ready perfectly without using any milk solids or ghee. & eating this Gajar ka Halwa is sinfully delightful. Learn this recipe once & then keep making Gajar ka Halwa throughout the season.

Gajar Ka Halwa without Ghee or Mawa

Let’s see how is the process to make Gajar ka Halwa. Here, I’ve taken 1/2 kg of the red carrots. Now, wash the carrots thoroughly. After washing cut it’s top & bottom off. If the carrot is too long then cut it from the middle as well. Now, peel the carrots very well. Once peeled nicely, then take a grater & we have to grate it now. It is important to note to grate the carrots using the larger bore & not the smaller bore of the grater.

Grate the carrots really nicely now. I’ve grated the entire 1/2 kg carrots here. Now, let’s make Gajrela. Take a big wok. It is important to take a vessel with heavy bottom. Hence wok makes it easier to cook the Gajrela. Now, into the wok, add 1.5 litre full fat milk. It’s very important that your milk is full fat.

Take the milk 3 times the amount to carrots. So, remember this ratio, whether you are making 1/2 or 1 kg, the milk will be 3 times the carrots. You have to boil the milk nicely. Keep stirring in between while boiling the milk. to avoid the milk from sticking to the bottom. Let the milk come to a good boil.

Once your milk is boiling nicely like this, only then add carrots to the milk. Milk is boiling, add the carrots to it. Stir it well after adding the carrots. Now, initially during the process, you don’t need to stir too much as there is plenty of milk. It’s alright even if you stir occasionally. Slowly, you will notice that as the milk thickens, you will need to stir it more often.

Now, our Gajar ka Halwa is cooking Continue to cook it while stirring occasionally until it thickens nicely. Once thick, then you have to cook it while stirring continuously. Basically what we are doing here is that we are cooking the carrots with milk & reducing it.

The milk will reduce to form milk solids (mawa) so there’s no need to add additional mawa to the recipe. & the fat content of the milk will act as ghee. So no need to add additional ghee either. If you are making basic Gajar Ka Halwa, it’ll be ready with basic milk, carrots & sugar. & we are doing the same process here. We have to cook the carrots & milk, until the entire milk gets reduced. & our Gajar ka Halwa becomes nice & thick.

This process will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Now, this process is usually the process to make Gajrela. Each house has a little different procedure. Some people don’t evaporate the milk completely and leave a little bit behind. Some others evaporate it completely to make a Halwa.

In our home we completely evaporate the milk, so that’s how I’m showing you today. Some people will say, I’ve seen in previous recipes too, as to why didn’t I cook the carrots in ghee first, In this method, all that is not necessary. How confectioners make it is cook the carrots in ghee, then add sugar, milk solids & that’s how Halwa is prepared. Now, while making it at home, I don’t like getting mawa from outside & using loads of ghee is something that I don’t prefer. & so this is how I make it.

I let the carrots cook slowly & cooks into a delicious Gajrela. So around 45 minutes are up, Let’s see what is the consistency of our Gajar ka Halwa. You can see that after about 40-45 minutes, our milk has reduced quite a bit. After this stage, it doesn’t take longer. Just cook it for 5-10 more minutes. & while stirring continuously, further reduce the milk.

You can see that after cooking it for 10-15 more minutes, it has reduced significantly. At this stage, we have to add sugar to this. For 1.5 litres milk, you have to add 150 grams sugar, as in add 10% of the sugar to this. & add 1/4th tsp cardamom powder, Now, you have to cook it nicely while stirring.

so that the sugar dissolves completely. & continue to cook the Halwa until the ghee starts releasing from it. By releasing of ghee, I mean, that the Halwa should look shining. This process may take upto 15-20 minutes. You can see, I’ve further cooked the Halwa for 15-20 minutes more. & the Halwa is shining from within. At this stage, our Gajar ka Halwa is ready. Turn the gas off.

Now we have to add nuts & dry fruits to this. So, basic Gajrela is ready for us. Without any ghee or mawa. A perfect Gajar ka Halwa is ready. Now, you can add chopped nuts as it is to it. or add blanched nuts to it too. If you like fried nuts, then you can toast them lightly in ghee & then add them. So, today I thought, let me toast them in ghee & add. Sometimes I just add them raw or blanched too.

The flavour of nuts will vary. Now, take a pan & add 1 tbsp ghee to the pan. along with that add some slivered almonds, add some chopped cashews, & roast them on low flame until their colour changes a little bit. Once they change colour, then add the nuts to this, You can add the ghee or if don’t like then you can avoid it too. along with it add some raisins to it as well. & stir everything really well. & you can see our Gajrela is ready.

So Gajrela or Gajar ka Halwa made by this process tastes really delicious. It takes almost an hour. Usually when I make it, I use 1 kg carrots & 3 litres of milk. By making a slightly bigger batch, you can store it in fridge & heat it & eat it for 2-3 days. It tastes amazing with vanilla ice-cream in winters. It is one of my combinations.

Tell me in the comments, if you too eat this combination. If you haven’t made it, then make it now. Hot Halwa with cool ice-cream and cold winters. You will really enjoy eating this Gajar ka Halwa. & in my opinion, this Gajar ka Halwa tastes way better than the Gajar ka Halwa with mawa. It does take a little longer & a little more labour, but make it once & you’ll never go back. Tell me in the comments, how did you like this recipe.

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