How to Make Mapo Tofu with Corn Fried Rice in 2023?

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How to Make Mapo Tofu with Corn Fried Rice? just follow some steps. Today I’m going to show you my version of Mapo Tofu with Corn Fried Rice So I’m going to start with tossing up a simple Corn Fried Rice since Mapo Tofu is very high on flavour I’ve kept the Rice very mild.

How to Make Mapo Tofu with Corn Fried Rice

You can toss up any Fried Rice as you wish. So let’s start. Heat up a pan. Let’s heat 1 tbsp of Oil. Once the Oil is nice and hot into this add in 1 tsp of Garlic finely chopped stir fry the Garlic for a few seconds.

1 Capsicum finely diced, 1/2 a Red Capsicum finely diced, 1/2 a red Carrot finely diced, also add in 1/2 a cup of Yellow Corn or you could even take 6-7 Baby Corns dice them up and add in.

This Yellow Corn is boiled Stir fry the Veggies for a few minutes and now into this, I am just going to add in 1 tsp of Soya Sauce. 2 pinches of Black Pepper. Next I’m going to add in 1/2 a cup of Rice that I’ve boiled. You can even check the link in the description box below on how to boil the Rice.

Very carefully toss up the Rice with the Veggies make sure you don’t break the greens also add in Salt to taste. At the end add in some Spring Onions and Leaves toss it up and this Rice is done. Turn off the flame and I am just going to move this pan on the side.

How to Make Mapo Tofu with Corn Fried Rice

The Fried Rice is done and now let’s get on to making the Mapo Tofu. So first, I am going to start with boiling some water in a pan. Into this, now I am going to add in just a little bit of Salt, turn on the flame and bring this water to a boil. For this recipe, you can use any kind of Tofu, like silken, soft or firm Tofu whichever texture you like the best.

I’m going to be using Silken Tofu because it melts in your mouth and I just love the texture of Silken Tofu. It’s a little difficult to handle Silken Tofu, you need to cut it very carefully because it’s very delicate and custardy. I’m going to boil this Tofu just for 1 minute exactly in boiling water what happens is that, it cooks the Tofu slightly plus it rinses Tofu and also it becomes a little easier for us to handle the pieces.

Let’s start chopping this Tofu very carefully. It’s so soft it feels like I am cutting through Custard. As you saw in the close shot that the Tofu is so soft so very carefully in a spatula, just pick them up and place them and then slowly slide them in hot water. Don’t try and drop the pieces directly into the water with your hands.

Do not touch the Tofu with your spatula while they are boiling just cook them for 1 minute exactly by the clock. And times up, let’s remove them. Remove them over a muslin cloth or a napkin. While these pieces are cooling down let’s quickly make the gravy for Mapo Tofu. For the Gravy, let’s start heating some Oil.

So around a tbsp and a half of Oil once the Oil is nice and hot into this, I am going to add in 1 tbsp each Ginger, Garlic and Celery Ginger goes in first, Garlic, and Celery finely chopped. Stir fry these ingredients for a few seconds. Next I am going to add in 2 Bird’s Eye Chillies or Thai Chillies that I have lightly pounded they are extremely spicy so make sure you don’t add too much.

If they are not available you can always add some Green Chillies. Next, I am going to add in some chopped Bok Choy Bok Choy is easily available these days just in case you don’t get them, you can even add in a few leaves of Spinach or just diced colored Bell Peppers. Stir fry the Bok Choy for a few seconds, make sure you use the steam as well. Next add in Soya Sauce, so a tbsp of Soya Sauce.

A tbsp of Black Bean Sauce, Black Bean Sauce is easily available online as well as in stores so don’t worry you will get it. A tsp of Rice Wine Vinegar, just in case if you do not get Rice Wine Vinegar, you can always skip it. A tbsp of Chilli Sauce and a tbsp of Shezwan Sauce.

While the sauces are cooking let’s make the Cornflour slurry so let’s take 1 cup of water in that I’m going to add in a tbsp of Corn Flour. Give it a mix make sure there are no lumps. Let’s add in the Slurry I’m also going to add in one more cup of water. Cook the Slurry for at least 2-3 minutes.

The gravy has started to thicken and now into this I’m going to add in the Tofu pieces. Same way place them over a spatula and slide them in the gravy. Just in case, you don’t want to use Tofu, you can always use our good old Paneer chop up the Paneer into cubes and dust them with a little bit of Corn Flour and just flash fry them for 30 seconds and then add it to the gravy.

Let’s add in some Salt go a little easy on Salt because all the sauces also has some amount of Salt. Some Spring Onions and Leaves Give it a final stir and this is done. Both the dishes are ready time to plate in my bowl. Make a bed of Rice Let’s top it up with some Mapo Tofu. Our Corn Fried Rice with Mapo Tofu is ready.

How to Make Mapo Tofu with Corn Fried Rice Full Video:

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