How to Make Moong Dal Dhokla in 2023? Moong Dal Dhokla Recipe

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How to Make Moong Dal Dhokla?. Just follow some steps. Mouth melting and packed with proteins to the core these Dhoklas represents everything that Dhokla stands for scrumptious, tasty, and aromatic.

How to Make Moong Dal Dhokla at Home

Hi guys! welcome to ‘Viral Hunt‘ and let’s see the recipe for ‘Moong Dal Dhokla‘ Let’s start with making the batter for the Dhoklas so I have soaked about half a cup of Green Moong Dal in hot water for about four to five hours and separately also soaked three tbsp of whole Moong in hot water for four to five hours. and now let’s grind all the ingredients together.

So in a blender drain out all the water from the Dal and now let’s add it in Since this is a Paryushan recipe, I am not going to add any of the fresh ingredients and now let’s grind this into a paste. Let’s check on this. This is a nice smooth paste just in case if there are a few bits and pieces of the whole Moong Dal, it’s fine. Remove this batter in a bowl.

Now into this batter, I am going to add all the seasoning ingredients and also this soaked whole Moong. Half a tsp of Sonth powder or dry Ginger powder One tsp of Red Chilli Powder, just a pinch of Citric acid just a small pinch, a few granules, Salt to taste, a tsp of Oil. Give this a good mix.

Do not add too much water in grinding the Dal if you feel the need to churn the blender just add about two tbsps. I’ve also kept some water to boil in the steamer and I have here a six inches greased tin.

Once the water starts to boil in the batter add in one tsp of Fruit Salt Give it a good mix and as you can see the batter is becoming nice and fluffy. Quickly pour this batter in the tin.

How to Make Moong Dal Dhokla

And now this goes into the steamer to cook for twenty minutes. Place the tin cover it and let it cook for twenty minutes on high flame. Twenty minutes are up, let’s turn off the flame. and now let’s open the lid The Dhokla has nicely fluffed up like a cake Let’s bring it out.

Let’s run the knife on the sides. Let’s flip it over Let it just cool down for a few minutes meanwhile let’s prepare the Tadka for it. Heat some Oil or Ghee, I am just going to use both of them.

Turn on the flame. Once the Oil is nice and hot, add in Mustard Seeds, a tsp. Some Asafoetida or Hing one Dry Red Chilli, Pour this Tadka over the Dhokla.

Let’s sprinkle some Achar Masala or Dry Pickle powder Let’s cut it into pieces it’s nice and spongy and you can see bits and pieces of the Whole Moong as well let’s plate these pieces Serve them nice and hot.

These Moong Dal Dhoklas are the perfect snack during Paryushan. They are extremely healthy so do give it a try and let me know how it turned out and also serve it with some Tadka Dahi or some Peanut Chutney I will see you soon.

Moong Dal Dhokla Recipe at Home – Full video

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