How to make Veg Bibimbap in 2023? | Rice Bowl Recipes at Home

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How to make Veg Bibimbap? Just follow some steps. Bibimbap means a mixed rice dish. So basically you have a bowl of rice on top of which you have up to eight toppings of various vegetables which are colorful.

So today I am making a huge variety of vegetables and then we are going to serve it. Let’s see how to make Bibimbap. I am going to begin by boiling some Sprouts.

How to make Veg Bibimbap in 2023?

Today I am using Mung bean Sprouts but you can also use Soy bean sprouts, those are traditional but I couldn’t find them so I am using Mung bean Sprouts. Just going to boil them in a little bit of water this is around one forth cup. I am going to add a pinch of Salt to season this.

While this is boiling, let’s sauté our other vegetables. So I am just going to switch this switch this over. So I am going to start with a vegetable which is not colored at all which is our Zucchini.

I have sliced it and cut it into half so I have these semi-circles here. These are pretty thin and I am going to cook this in a little bit of Sesame Oil. I am going to add a little bit of Soy sauce to season it.

How to make Veg Bibimbap

After a couple of minutes the Zucchini will soften and that’s when you know that it’s ready. I am just going to take it out in the same bowl. I am going to quickly clean off this pan with a paper towel and move on to my Carrots. Just a little bit of Sesame Oil.

So I am using one Carrot, which I have julienned and I have used half a Zucchini While our Carrots are cooking, let’s check on our Bean Sprouts. They look like they are done, I am going to switch off the flame and remove them.

The Carrots have softened but they still have a little bit of bite so I am just going to remove them now. Before I start, I am again going to clean my pan and next we will sauté some Red Bell Peppers.

Just a little bit of Sesame Oil just about one-fourth tsp of chopped Garlic should be enough. Now to this I am adding half a Red Bell Pepper. I have sliced this thinly and I am also going to add a pinch of Salt. These are done. I am just going to remove these.

Side dishes are a huge part of Korean culture, these are also known as ‘Banchan’ and they are served with Rice or Noodles or any other type of food. So now it’s time to sauté some Spinach. Little bit of Oil and a big bowl of Spinach. This is going to wilt down completely.

I am also going to add a little bit of Soy Sauce. Just a little bit of Sesame Oil I am going to add one-fourth tsp of Garlic to the Spinach as well. This is done, now I am going to take this off. One last wipe of our last ingredient which is Cucumber.

I know usually Cucumber is not cooked, but here we are going to cook it. Again, little bit of Sesame Oil this is half a Cucumber, again cut into semi-circles. Just a tiny pinch of Salt few Sesame seeds in the Cucumber and I am just going to sauté it quickly and It’s done.

Taking this off. All our side dishes are ready now it’s time to make the Sauce. This is a very simple sauce all you have to do is mix everything together. I am using Gochujang which is a red chilly paste along with some Soya beans If you want to learn how to make this, let me know in the comments below I will probably do a video for you.

So I am adding two tbsp of Gochujang. Add in Soy Sauce again two tbsp Sugar one tbsp, juice of one Lemon, toasted Sesame Seeds, one tsp of Vinegar, for the acidity and one tsp of Garlic powder.

Just bring it all together by mixing it. This sauce has everything spicy, sour, sweet, some toastiness and nuttiness from the Sesame Seeds along with some Crunch. So our sides are ready our sauce is ready. Let’s assemble our Bibimbap. I am going to serve this on a bed of piping hot Rice.

So first I’ll start putting in the Bean sprouts, make sure you don’t get water from the Sprouts. Next I am going to add in Zucchini but I am going to keep some space in between some Spinach, Bell Pepper, Carrots, Cucumber and last I am just going to add few sheets of Nori. This is a type of Seaweed.

Now I am going to add the Sauce right in the center. In the end, I am just going to top this off with some Sesame Seeds. Your pipping hot bowl of Bibimbap is ready to serve. Thanks for visiting “Viral Hunt”

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