How to make Veg Ramen Bowl in 2023? | Veg Ramen Bowl Recipe

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How to make Veg Ramen Bowl? Just follow me. Very few recipes taste like a hug in a bowl Today I am making one such recipe which is comforting as well as flavour full. Today I am making Veg Ramen Bowl. This has few components here and there that can be used in various other recipes. So without further ado let’s dig in. I am going to begin by making my broth I am using Mushrooms today as a background flavour and only Mushrooms. So let’s see how to make this.

How to make Veg Ramen Bowl at Home?

I am going to switch on my pan I want the pan to be searing hot as soon as the Mushrooms hit the pan, they should turn brown so I am going to let this heat for at least a minute.

Browning your foods brings out all the flavours in them that’s why I want this to be flavored properly as I am using just one ingredient. Now my pan is nice and hot I am going to add in Oil, not much, just about a tsp and I want to hear that sizzle as soon the Mushroom hits the pan.

Try to have the Mushroom in just one layer do not over crowd the pan because if you over crowd the pan, the Mushrooms will start leaving out water very quickly. That’s another reason why I am not adding any Salt because the Salt will draw out a lot of moister from the Mushrooms.

As you can see, it’s leaving a lot of steam right now. I am just going to mix this there is nice brown color on one side and it already smells amazing. The Mushrooms are super brown now, they are half way cooked so now I am going to add in the water Around two cups and it has already starting leaving a lot of brown color into the water.

Along with this I am going to add in Salt not much. I am adding about one tsp of dark Soya Sauce this will add a little extra color and a little bit of Saltiness that’s the reason I didn’t add too much Salt. Now the Mushrooms looks almost cooked.

So now I am going to remove the Mushroom from the water and let the water boil for another thirty seconds. This Mushroom broth can be used to make other soups or other Chinese gravy as well. You can also use other vegetables like Cabbage, Carrot, Spring Onions etc to make the broth after thirty seconds, switch off the flame and taste the broth. You will need to adjust the seasoning if required.

I am just going to taste it now and check. Tastes really good a strong Mushroom flavour and that’s exactly what I want let’s move on to the next step I am going to put a pot of water to boil and to make things quicker, I am going to do two things at a time. I am going to start making my Chilli Shallot Oil right now.

So in this pan, while it’s off the flame, I am going to add in Oil to cover the pan and it should have a height of around half an inch so you need quite a bit of Oil but don’t worry, you can keep using this in a lot of other recipes as well. To this cold Oil, I am going to add in Shallots, these are finely chopped Shallots around four to five.

And around four cloves of Garlic that are finely chopped as well. Give this a light mix and then I will switch on the flame. Make sure that the flame is super low. What this method does is that it slowly infuses, all the aromas and the flavours of the Garlic and the Shallots into the cold oil as it heats up.

The Oil has already started sizzling now again make sure it’s on super low flame. You want all of this to go very light and golden brown because it will continue cooking even after you take it away from the pan. Now to make sure that everything is ready in this bowl I am going to add in Chilli Flakes as much as you like depending on how much spice you can take and then some Sesame seeds this will add a nice nuttiness to the entire Oil.

How to make Veg Ramen Bowl

Keep moving all the ingredients around in the Oil because the corners will start getting brown. Now I can see that it is golden brown I am going to switch off the flame and pour this directly on to my Chilli flakes and Sesame Seeds. Make sure you get every last bit of the Shallot and the Garlic this is going to crisp up as it moves down.

I am going to give this one light mix and the Sesame seeds have started to crackle as well. So our Chilli Garlic Shallot and Sesame Oil is now ready. You can also add a little bit of Salt so that it adds a lot of flavour when you are adding this to your other dishes.

You can pour this over your noodle dishes or any fried rice just to increase the flavour of that dish. Now I am just going to set this aside My water has also started to boil. Now to this boiling water, I am going to add in first a sieve so that none of my ingredients drown.

Now to this I am going to add Pok Choy just a few leaves. This will hardly take thirty seconds to cook. As soon as it turns neon green, take it out it will come back to it’s natural green color quickly. Next, I am adding in julienned Carrots, this is half a Carrot this will take about forty to fifty seconds because the Carrots are on crunchy side. I just want them to soften just a little, I still want them to have a little bit of bite.

Next I am adding in one fourth cup of Corn this will take about a minute to boil. As the Corn is boiling it will turn a nice Yellow color from pale it will become really bright and that’s when you know that the corn is cooked.

And this is where the sieve will come in handy just pull the sieve up remove all the excess water and remove this in your bowl. Now all the veggies are boiled again you can use any kind of Veggies that you like I am using Pok Choy, Carrots and Corn here but you can go for anything else as well.

Now to the pot of boiling water, I am going to add in Noodles so this is one slab of Noodles, you can use any kind that you like I would highly recommend that you use Rice Noodles they are nice and chewy and they are on the healthier side but today I am using regular Hakka Noodles.

Now to this I am going to add a big pinch of Salt and I am going to let this cook for about four to five minutes till the Noodles are almost done. The Noodles are ready now I am going to just take them out and put it in a bowl.

Make sure you drain all the excess water so that it doesn’t dilute your broth While serving Ramen I like to use a shallow bowl so that it cools down quickly it becomes too difficult to finish this bowl if it’s too hot.

So I have taken a nice and wide shallow bowl Now all the Noodles I am going to add in my broth Look at this color the Mushrooms have given a nice color along with that hint of Soya Sauce.

Now I am going to place all the Veggies on the side turning this brown dish into something super colorful. Next I am adding the Carrots, little bit of Corn, our golden brown Mushrooms.

Now it’s time for the last bit of seasoning and garnishing I am going to add little pinch of Salt over my veggies, a little bit of Black Pepper which is freshly crushed, a good heap of Spring Onion in the center and lastly a good helping of our Chilli Oil.

Make sure you take all those bits and pieces from the bottom with a little bit of Oil and just put it all across the Veggies. This bowl looks so inviting. You can make this on a day that’s not going so great but you can also make this on a good day and make it even better.

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