Korean-Style Red Chilli Paste Recipes | How To Make Gochujang Paste at Home

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Let’s see how to make Gochujang feast. So Gochujang is basically a Korean paste which is spicy, sweet, salty, a little sour and very thick. It is used in varying proportions in a lot of different recipes to add flavour. So today I am going to make it with Soyabean Flour which is going to add the background taste of Miso. Miso is a fermentated sauce made with Soyabean. It has a nice after taste and I really love it but it is very difficult to find in local markets. But you can easily find it in the gourmet section. Of course, it is going to burn a hole into your pocket, so I am going to teach you the most simplest method to make it without Miso. So we will start in a pot, I am adding Soybean Flour. I am going to toast this on medium flame till it starts turning aromatic. This is going to provide a nice nutty taste. You can also skip the toasting if you don’t like that taste but I highly recommend it. So now to this, I am going to add water and mix it simultaneously. Now that there are no lumps in the mixture, I am going to add in Jaggery. You can also use Sugar instead but I am using dark Jaggery so that it gets nice color. So just going to add it to the mixture and now we are going to cook this on medium flame again. The Sugar or Jaggery will add a nice shinny finish to the sauce. We have a thick paste right here this looks ready so I am going to switch off the flame and take the pod right in front of me. Now depending on the quality of the Soyabean Flour that you can find you might need a little extra or little less water so you can adjust the consistency based on that. This is exactly what I am looking for, it has to be quite thick. I am switching over to a spatula. I am scraping all the sides to make sure nothing is stuck to the core. Time to turn this thick paste into a Gochujang paste with all the flavours. Firstly, I am going to add in some Red Chilli Powder I am using normal spicy Red Chilli Powder You can also use Kashimiri Mirch if you don’t want it to be extremely spicy or you can also use Gochugaru which is the tradditional hot Red Pepper of Korea. Next I am adding in Salt, Vinegar and this is Sesame Oil for a nutty taste. Time to mix this together. Our super thick Gochujang paste is now ready. Of course the color is a little dull but you can also add food coloring to make it bringht. If you want a deeper Gochujang Color, you can add half a tsp of Dark Soya Sauce to get the right color. But I am happy with this, so now, I am just going to take it out in a bowl. Once your Gochujang paste is completely cool down you can store it in a fridge in an air tight container. This should stay good for about a year in the fridge. Use as much as you like for your recipes. Now I am going to make a quick recipe using this Gochujang paste. Let’s make ‘Honey Gochujang Potatoes’. With two tbsp of Oil and thinly sliced Potato they are quite thin. Once the Potato start getting little bit of color we are going to make a well in the center and add in some Cloves of Garlic. Next I am going to add in some Onions, these are finely chopped I have also added one Sping Onion white along with one regular sized Onion. Once the Onion start turning a little soft I am going to add in some Salt enough to season the Potatoes, Onions and Garlic. Give this a quick stir and now it’s time to add a little bit of water. Around one fourth cup should be enough. Once the Potatoes are almost cooked I am going to add in our Gochujang paste. I am using one tbsp, you can use more if you like it spicy. With a little bit of Honey, around one tbsp mix and toss it around. This is going to coat the Potatoes completely. Now I am just going to let it bubble for about a minute. Our ‘Honey Gochujang Potatoes’ are ready to serve. I am going to take it out in a bowl. I am going to garnish these Potatoes with some chopped Sping Onion Greens. Our ‘Honey Gochujang Potatoes’ are now ready to serve. You can have this as a starter on it’s own or serve it with a bowl of Rice.

Korean-Style Red Chilli Paste Recipes | How To Make Gochujang Paste at Home

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